Do I have to visit a Dentist?

We recommend that you maintain your local dentist for regular check ups and hygiene to ensure you maintain optimal dental health. During your impression and Design process our Registered Dentist will confirm your suitability for at home aligners. We may in some cases, require you to visit us during the your plan. 

Do I keep my aligners?

Yes, please do not throw your aligners away incase one of our Dentists advises you to return to a previous stage at any point during your plan. 

How do I send my impressions back?

You will receive confirmation of the address that your moulds need to be sent to, please place your moulds back into the box and send back to us recorded delivery. 

Do you offer refunds?

We will provide you with a full refund on the initial £99.99 if our registered Dentist confirms you are not suitable however once the plan has been approved and paid we can not provide any refunds on the larger amount. Due to the fact each aligner is custom to you.

Do I have to pay £1,400 upfront?

No, initially you pay £99.99 and this will include our Home Impression Kit, Free Whitening Kit and 3D Before & After Visuals. If you are happy with your Before & Afters you can then pay the remaining £1,300 for the aligners to be manufactured. This can be paid with our finance option and you will receive all aligners upfront.

I previously had braces, will this work?

Yes, our Invisible Aligners will help move any teeth back in place since removing braces.

Will this work with crowns?

Yes, our treatment works with crowns.

How do Diamond Whites Invisible Aligners work?

Our Invisible Aligners are designed to straighten your teeth by slowly aligning them at different stages throughout your plan, each aligner will slowly start to move your teeth into position to create your perfect smile. 

What are Diamond Whites Invisible Aligners?

Diamond Whites Invisible Aligners are designed to gradually resolve issues to your teeth such as, gaps, crooked teeth.

How old do I have to be to use Diamond Whites Aligners?

Diamond Whites Aligners are only suitable for customers over the age of 18.

When will I receive my aligners?

Once your plan is approved and you have paid the remaining amount you will receive your aligners within a week. If you decide to use our finance option you will receive all your aligners upfront once finance documents are signed and approved.

How long will my treatment take?

Every customer is different however on average plans are around 6 months.


Our Home Impression Kits can be returned within 14 days and a full refund will be provided if the item is still sealed. A replacement will be sent if the item arrives faulty. 

Due to the aligners being a custom fitted product, we cannot offer returns unless the item is faulty